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Everything begins from OneFox design
Our prices
Design an original logo for your business
  • 2-7 days
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Develop bright, recognizable packaging for your product
2-7 days
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Сreating website
Creating a website on the platform Tilda, Wix, Weblium.
from 1000USD
5-14 days*
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A few words about our company

Our company is engaged in graphic design - we develop logo design, identity, design of printing, souvenirs, advertising products, illustrations, build a system of visual communication of your brand with the consumer.

The company logo is the face of your business, an element of your individual personality.

We create design based on thoughtful decisions and ideas. Our logos are not just designed to be beautiful, they are designed to make your business move forward with confidence.

We create a unique brand, which is an important stage of consumer familiarity with your brand, emphasize the individuality of your company by creating a bright image that is easy to remember by your target audience.

The main goal of our company is to solve a specific business problem, which is why we always work for results.

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Ukraine, Kharkiv, st. Pushkinskaya 40,

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